The best way to see Brockville on-line.

Note that we are busy making changes to the code that drives all of our websites.

This page will soon again be your starting point to see the best of Brockville on-line.

BrockVegas conforms to HushNet Standards. We present the web the way we would like to see it ourselves. If you have visited the site over the past year or two, you will notice that it changes very little from visit to visit. This is by design. We do not pester you with new things just because they are new. The majority of commercial sites on the internet attempt to manipulate traffic so that they increase their usage figures. These figures are in turn used to sell advertising. To get the traffic, sites do heavy advertising and present amusing content. This can be interesting and useful, but sometimes leads to wasted time and frustration when you are seeking answers. We have a different approach.

We are attempting to build permanent relationships with the online community in Brockville. This is a slow process and trust is paramount. For instance, we only use 'micro-buttons' or text links for advertisements. By limiting the intrusion of advertising, we make the experience more useful and enjoyable for visitors. We believe that this is the way to build solid on-going relationships that will outlast the 'dot com' fever of the past year or two.

Join us! We will also be linking to existing Brockville sites so that all of on-line Brockville is easy to find.

If you have a Brockville related link, let us know!

Brockville Coat of Arms

The wavy fess in these arms represents the St. Lawrence; the beehives are taken from the original cluttered attempt at a coat of arms and represent industriousness. The supporters (an eagle and a lion) are taken from the charges (and in the colours) of Sir Isaac Brock's coat of arms (Sir Isaac Brock, of course, being the 1812 war hero after whom the town is named).

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